Energy Healing

Energy School taught me about chakras

What I learned in healing school was how to develop my spiritual energies and discover my spiritual guide.  I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, and that we all meet for a reason.  While in energy school I learned about the 7 energy centers known as the chakras, and I learned how to channel my messages from my higher power.  After 3 years in healing school I was told to transfer to Boulder Colorado to finish with, who I consider the greatest living holistic healer in the United states, Hanna Kroeger.  When i met her my life was totally transformed.

I was trained to look for physical, mental, and spiritual motives for ailments. But, there is also a spiritual side to life that has enormous influence over our health and well being. By using the pendulum to connect with my spiritual energies, I have stayed healthy, improved my mind, and minimized my need for doctors.

I have devoted my life to helping people

My name is Martha Vayhinger.  I have had two careers.  The first started in 1949 as a Clinical Social Worker.  The second started in 1993 as a holistic healer when I enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  This was a 4 year program that focused on energy healing.  I have devoted my whole life to focusing on helping and healing people.  It is my passion.  

Holistic Healing For A Long, Meaningful Life

I want to address the older people wherever they are, and I will start by talking about my own journey that is evolving beautifully as I am now in my nineties. Every day brings new challenges. I have learned to manage my health myself with energy healing, and have been healthy for the past 15 years. I use my pendulum to get answers for every phase of my life, and I feel balanced. I also have a psychotherapy practice that is part-time. I play duplicate bridge twice a week. I swim in the community pool. I play the violin in a chamber music group, and I am a hospice volunteer when I have the time to visit patients.


“Grow Old With Me. The Best Is Yet To Be”

— Robert Browning

Holistic Healing Through channeling Energy

One of the high points in my life was when I had the opportunity to receive training in healing with Hanna Kroeger, one of the great holistic health pioneers of the 20th century. She was also one of the foremost users of the pendulum that enabled her to connect her conscious mind with her super-conscious mind. She helped thousands of people throughout the world through healing energy. An important dimension related to her healing was familiarity with the energy centers of the body known as the seven chakras. Each chakra has a specific function and a special color. Using the pendulum over each chakra conveys  important information about the state of health of the person who is being helped.

I am 90 years old and Still Going Strong!

I have been healthy for over 15 straight years, and I get annual physicals. I swim, play the violin, volunteer at hospice, and see my patients part-time in my Silver Spring office. The only medication I am on is a baby aspirin. You can live a healthy and long life with energy healing!

Send me a photograph of you, and I can begin cleaning your chakras with a pendulum remotely.  It works!


I Can Clear Your Energy Remotely

With just a photograph

Not only am I a holistic healer, But I also have a psychotherapy practice that is part-time, with over 50 years as a practicing therapist. Let me help you heal your spiritual side by using the pendulum to help answer your spiritual questions and to cleanse and heal your body.

I want you to live life with meaning too!

Martha Vayhinger

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