About The Pendulum

The Art of The Pendulum is to use it as it was used in the old bible, and across many cultures, including the native Americans.  The rod, the reed, and the staff are mentioned many times in the bible.  It was used to guide the people to water, and even to lead nations.  The American Indians find their herbal remedies by using a sacred stick with a feather or feathers.  What they all have in common is ENERGY.  They all call upon an energy to help make decisions.  


What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is a transmitter and receiver of information that allows you to tune in to your intuitive powers.  Using a pendulum is also called dowsing.  Anyone can learn to dowse, but it takes a lot of practice.  As you begin to feel more confident you can use the pendulum to answer questions or help in decision making.

What Is A Pendulum Used For?

  • Healing purposes

  • Identify food allergies

  • Cleanse negativity in a room

  • Help you find lost objects or pets

  • Find water (dowsing rods are often used for this)

How Does Pendulum Dowsing Work?

A pendulum works by tapping into your 6th sense or intuition by acting as a receiver and transmitter to your spiritual teachers, guardian angels,  from your higher guidance.  As the pendulum moves, you gain answers in response to your questions - usually a yes or no question - to help you make decisions.  Some have said it's like using the left and right side of your brain rather than only your dominant side.

Where Do Your Answers Come From?

As with any form of divination, using a pendulum involves a certain amount of faith, belief, and an open mind. The answers will come from your intuition and from higher spiritual guides.

What Type Of Pendulum Do I Need?

You don't have to buy a posh, expensive pendulum, to get good results.  You should choose one that feels right to you.  A clear quartz pendulum is a popular choice as the crystal is associated with clarity, and connecting to a higher purpose.  Amethyst, which also has a strong connection with the spiritual, is also a popular choice.  So is the rose quartz crystal because of its calming properties.  Ultimately, whichever one you feel the most drawn to is the one you should choose.  You can have several pendulums if you wish, with different crystals on them.  You can even use a hand made do it yourself with a simple glass bead, a metal ball, or even a key on the end of a string.  

Before You Start Using A Pendulum

Cleanse your pendulum first and charge it with your own energy.  The easiest cleanse is to place your pendulum on a sunny windowsill in direct sunlight for a day so it catches the rays of the sun.  Then, to charge it with your energy hold the pendulum in your hands, closing your hands around it.  Spend 5 to 15 minutes sitting quietly, with your eyes closed, focusing your energy on your pendulum.  You can pray for guidance or support from your guardian angels or spirit guides when using the pendulum.  Once it has been cleansed, wrap your pendulum in silk or pop them into a velvet bag for safekeeping.


How To Use A Pendulum

If you borrow a fiends pendulum, hold it between your palms for a few minutes to warm it up to your own personality (and energy).  Three of your fingers have specific energy, and are relevant when holding your pendulum.  Your middle finger has a positive charge, your forefinger is negative, and your thumb is neutral.  

Hold the string of a pendulum about 2-3 inches above where it's dangling.  Hold it in your right hand between the thumb, forefinger, and bring it over your middle finger.  This produces the trinity.  

Begin By Asking Which Is My Positive Pattern?

After asking, "which is my positive pattern?", hold it slowly and wait.  Slowly, the pendulum will start moving back and forth, or sideways, or it will gyrate in one direction or another.  Keep your positive question in your mind while waiting for your answer.  Do not let anyone influence you as to what direction your answer should be,  Your have your own individual energy.  Once you have established your positive direction, it is time to learn which way it will swing for you for your negative pattern.

Which Is My Negative Pattern?

Hold the pendulum over your left forefinger and ask, "Which is my negative pattern?"  Again, it will start to move.  It should move in an opposite direction to your positive pattern.  This is your "no" answer pattern.  Work on this for a full day, asking, working, praying, until you are sure you have your patterns.  Be grateful and thankful for your answers.

The Last Pattern Is Neutral

Hold the pendulum over your thumb and wait for your neutral pattern to come.  The pendulum may just sit still, or swing back and forth.  Whatever happens, it is your neutral pattern.  


Lessons On How To Use The Pendulum

I can teach you how to use the pendulum.  Please email or call me for more information.

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