My experience with Martha Vayhinger has been nothing short of amazing. I have received several natural healing treatments from her over the years. She uses oils, ingestible drops, and the pendulum to focus on my various ailments. The sessions helped me totally overcome what I thought could only be cured by a doctor and harmful prescribed medicines. If you haven’t tried holistic healing, I suggest you give her a call.
— Samantha Schub
Martha has been wonderful help for me for 15 years. During that time I have aged and disintegrated and would have expired without Martha’s help. She has been able to improve serious afflictions with lung capacity and pain and nerve discomfort, not only in person, but also over the phone or long distance when she had been in the hospital. I have called Martha in the middle of the night and my serious tachycardia has been calmed. That’s all for the day! Martha.
— Cathy Druitt
I have known Martha for 30 years. She is a beautiful, strong, independent and caring lady. She was my mental health therapist until I relocated to Florida. She gave me the tools to deal with my situations, and she was very supportive and most therapeutic and allowed me to work out many issues myself. Martha loved all people no matter what their ethnicity was. That is a great quality in a therapist. She will be a great asset to anyone who needs her professional help,
— Cynthia Pallme-Koenig
I am a mother of 3 children, and Martha has been instrumental in helping me to get them through the teen years until the children became adults. I feel I can call Martha when serious situations arise and I need immediate help. We now live apart, but it is still possible to connect over the phone and she understands how to comfort and be present to me.
— Jacquie Greene

Address email: marthavayhinger@gmail.com

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